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Guangdong Jinyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED flashlights, LED lanterns, LED emergency lights, LED desk lamps, LED headlamps and LED search lights

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    D5-9-11, Beizhanxi Road, Chaozhou Avenue, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Guangdong Jinyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is diversified LED lighting manufacturer with an established consumer brand recognition for its portable lighting products i.e. LED flashlights, LED lanterns, LED emergency lights, LED desk lamps, LED headlamps and LED search lights. The company's other in-house products include 2835/3014/5730/3528 SMD LEDs, LED bulbs, T8 LED tubes, LED flat panel downlights, LED high/low bay lights, LED tunnel lights, LED street lights, LED flood lights, solar panels and mosquito swatters. Jinyuan Lighting leverages its research, engineering and mass-production expertise to produce LED lighting products that are designed to offer the best market competitively in its class across price, performance and feature.

Jinyuan Lighting's mission has always been to emphasize the highest standard industrial design, manufacturing efficiency, quality control and cost optimization that support its clients' vision at every stage of the order fulfilment process. This was how Jinyuan started as a flashlight manufacturer in 2004. The company's high-value, high-performing flashlights have been incorporating more features than its competitors while staying at a lower manufacturing cost through economies of scale strategy and lean manufacturing system. Early in 2012 Jinyuan Lighting made a record-high USD 40.86 million overseas sales of LED flashlights, ranking the nation's top LED flashlight exporter.

Today, Jinyuan Lighting has grown to be a manufacturing powerhouse that offer a comprehensive family of LED lights which are engineered and manufactured in its 60,000 square meter ISO9001:2008 and ISO4001:2004 compliant manufacturing facilities. While Jinyuan expanded its product portfolio to include general lighting categories, the company keeps a consistent focus on technological innovation for its LED flash lights and other cordless lighting solutions.

Jinyuan products are designed and manufactured following strict quality control processes, tested and rated to a variety of standards including CE, RoHS, NF, SAA, TIS, FCC, EMC, and LVD, etc. Jinyuan has a strong brand awareness and sell its products globally under the brand Tiger World, Jinyuan, Wild Lion, Global Lighting and Jinrui. The company also provides OEM, ODM, CKD and SKD services.
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